Chisolm trail rv stole my dream of being an rv'er

Albuquerque, New Mexico 1 comment
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chisolm trail rv in albuquerque improperly installed a truck camper on my truck. the 2 front happijacs fell off as i was drving home, the camper almost fell off my truck, and now they won't even give their insurance information so that i can get things repaired.

the service department is now lying, and the general manager is unethical in her dealings with me. this has been the most frustrating business i have ever dealt with. once they had my money, the word service did not exist.

dishonest, unethical, and poorly trained are the words i would use to describe this place. run by a former used car salesman...enough said!

Review about: Recreational Vehicle.



the tie down are installed incorrectly on the rear of youre camper to the bumper eyes.

Where is you're front tie down mounted to the truck?

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